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In Piena Estate


Photography: Filippo Del Vita
Styling: Allison St Germain
Hair: Charlie taylor, Make Up: Amy Park
Model: elin @ elite NYC
Post production: Laura Garcia Serventi
Photographer’s assistants: Alic Trossman, Alex Alvarez
Stylist’s assistant: Janet Okunola

Text: Fotos: Filippo Del Vita | Fashion, Photography | 05/2011 read more...

I’m just following my taste

article_126_songsong1_250.png There are many advantages of being a foreigner in a city – like being new and unbiased, for instance. This can help you to discover what may be of importance and value for you. One of my discoveries in Vienna was SONG. The shop impressed me immediately with its scale, its taste, its atmosphere and with all the big and small things it contains. I me...
Text: Boris Kostadinov Fotos: Magdalena Blaszczuk | Fashion, Interview | 05/2011 read more...

Dry Run


Photography: Michael Dürr
Models: Belinda Hirt / Wienermodels
Julian Cech / Tempo models
Make Up: Ana Rajic
Styling: Julian Cech
Special thanks Le Meridien, Split

Text: Fotos: Michael Dürr | Fashion, Photography | 05/2011 read more...

Miss Dorn & Friends

article_143_bernd_mats_250.png Photography: Bernd Mats Styling: Lauren Cooke Hair & Makeup: Thomas Orsolis Model: Adriana / Exit Model Management Set Design: Verena Snurer Photography Assistent: Micha Ott Styling Assistent: Ana Delic Production: Ohhyesss.Com Special Thanks: Ali Bechstein, Peter Lindenberg ...
Text: Fotos: Bernd Mats | Fashion, Photography | 03/2011 read more...

Summer Dreams


Fashion & Eyewear by Lena Hoschek
Photography: LUPI SPUMA

Text: Fotos: LUPI SPUMA | Fashion | 03/2011

Black is Black


Photography: Katarina Balgavy
Assistance: Marko Mestrovic
Model: Mia Legenstein / Body&Soul
Styling: Julia Rupertsberger / Making of
Hair & Make-Up: Jody Cuberli / Perfectprops

Text: Fotos: Katarina Balgavy | Fashion, Photography | 03/2011 read more...

Kategorie: Keywords :: Fashion
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151 - 156/156