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Text: Ken Summit Fotos: Warner Music

Billie Joe Armstrong talks about the rock band’s new album ‘Revolution Radio’. He also chats drug addiction, Trump, his kids, stealing as a kid and his coffee company. Plus: The 44-year old shares his advice for a long lasting relationship.

Green Day’s existence raises the question: “How long can a punk band be a relevant factor?” In the nineties, Green Day wrote ‘Dookie’, a classic of youth culture, ‘American Idiot’ was the ultimate concept album of the noughties and ‘Good Riddance’ finally the campfire song of 21st century. They are members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had their guest appearance on The Simpsons. Ist there anything more to come? Can three guys from California in their mid-forties do more than just manage the past? Billie Joe Armstrong, sober in the meantime, and the other members of Green Day answer that question in ‘Revolution Radio’ the band’s most ambitious album in a long time. Recorded without any helping hands Green Day act like refined brats, who are masters of their trade, always in full speed. Billie Joe Armstrong talks about ‘Revolution Radio’ and all other questions open.

Did you go in with a plan? With a vision of the whole record?

Yes and no. We knew we wanted to make something really powerful and kind-of remind people like how much we love our band. We wanted people, to remind them how great we are, and I say that with love, humility, being humble, gratitude, and all that. We wanted to be loud. We wanted to be fast. We wanted to be intimate and I think that’s what we got ...

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